Loan Officers

Have you ever been out to dinner with your friends on a Friday night and a Realtor calls to ask you to update (for the third time) the pre-qualification letter for a client? Well, that’s all over with the PreQualiflyerâ„¢. You will pre-qualify your borrower one time and send the initial pre-qualification letter to the Realtor. The Realtor will create all other letters, as long as the mortgage payment is below the maximum payment amount that you set. Realtors now have the ability to email a pre-qualification letter immediately to anyone involved in the purchase transaction through their smart phone!

Here's how it works.

  • Loan Officer pre-qualifies buyer.
  • Loan Officer sends initial pre-qualification letter to Realtor.
  • Realtor enters property details.
  • PreQualiflyerâ„¢ generates pre-qualification letter, sends it to Realtor.
  • You enjoy your dinner!