When you are showing properties to a client on a weekend, is your loan officer always available to send you a pre-qualification letter? Well, chances are, no…but the PreQualiflyer™ is always available. Using the PreQualiflyer™ puts you in control of all updates, revisions, and gives you the ability to generate as many pre-qualification letters as you need for your clients.

  • Your Loan Officer pre-qualifies your client and enters the client’s information into the PreQualiflyer™.
  • The first pre-qualification letter will be sent to you.
  • All subsequent pre-qualification letters for that borrower will be created by you, through the use of the simple PreQualiflyer™ via mobile or desktop.
  • You just beat your competition!

How To Get Started

Step 1
Go to ITunes or Google Play and download the PreQualiflyer app.

  • Android App
  • Android App
Then go to and register as a Realtor.

Step 2

Open the PreQualiflyer app on your phone and log in. Hit the “Realtor” bar then hit the “Property Inquiry” bar.

Step 3

Then from the submission email you received from PreQualiflyer your loan officer, copy the “Unique ID” and paste it in the “Unique ID” box.

Step 4

Fill in the subject property info and check to see that your buyer’s name is at the bottom of your screen then hit “Next.”

Step 5

Fill in property info, your HOI should be already populated then hit “Next.”

Step 6

Verify all of your numbers. Hit “Next.”

Step 7

View your PITI and total payment along with any additional fees and then hit “Next.”

Step 8

Add any notes about seller help needed, grants that may apply to your borrower or any info you think you need to show on the pre-qualification letter. Hit “Submit.”

Step 9

You will then get an approval or decline notification on the app.

Step 10

If an approval is indicated, you will receive an email with your PreQualiflyer pre-qualification letter attached as a PDF ready to print or email to your buyer or seller’s agent.